Air Activities in Cape Town

Sky Diving

Skydiving For a real adrenaline rush, why not make the most of your holiday and try skydiving? There are skydiving opportunities for both experienced and first time jumpers and, Cape Town provides spectacular scenery to make your jump that much more enjoyable.

 >>  Prices range between R600 - R700 for a first time jump and R1100 - R1200 for a tandem jump. Please note: prices are subject to change and should be confirmed with the relevant operator.

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Hanggliding & Paragliding

Gently paragliding down from Table Mountain, Lions Head or Signal Hill with beautiful views across the Atlantic Seaboard and out to sea is a once in a lifetime experience. One needs to be qualified and licensed in order to paraglide or hangglide, but for those wanting to experience the thrill once off, you can with a tandem glide. Alternatively, if you have a flexible schedule and more time on your hands, sign up for a school and learn the skill for yourself.

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Helicopter Trips

Helicopter Get a birds eye view of Cape Town and take in the sights from a different perspective. Take it all in - from the patchwork vineyards of the winelands to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Seaboard and all from the sky. Most companies are based in the V&A Waterfront and prices for a 20-minute flight start from R1 600 for a 3-seater craft and R3 100 for a 6-seater.

 >>  visit one of these websites for further details, NAC Makana


Hot Air Ballooning

Silently floating over the picturesque Cape winelands is a tranqil and memorable experience. Ballooning trips usually take place in the early morning just after sunrise and are extremely weather dependant.

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